Weather and Other Emergencies

Weather and Other Emergencies - UPDATED*******

Due to the inclement weather expected on Tuesday (3/14/17), All CODAC sites will be closed on Tuesday. Patients receiving medication services should be advised to bring lock boxes tomorrow (Monday, 3/13/17).

If you are not due to return to the clinic until Tuesday (3/14/17), you will need to come in tomorrow (Monday) to receive your medication. 


All patients are advised to monitor weather reports and when storms are forecast, bring TH box to clinic as a precaution.

When weather events are forecast, please monitor this website and/or local TV/radio for updates.
Note: Radio and TV stations determine when and how often announcements make it into the rotation. Announcements posted for radio and
TV may not appear immediately. On some occasions, public broadcast of announcements may be delayed for 1-2 hours as they focus on school closings.

CODAC will monitor local and national weather forecasts to determine plans regarding open or close status.
Please visit this website regularly for news related to storms and/or other weather-related emergencies.
Announcements on this page are designed to provide information to three (3) groups:
  • Patients involved in methadone treatment
  • Patients not involved in methadone treatment
  • Staff
Announcements, which may be different, will be tailored, as much as possible, for each group.

Announcements related to closure of our methadone treatment services may not apply to other non-methadone services.

Generally, patients involved in methadone treatment should always consider bringing their Takehome box when storms are predicted in the event conditions indicate the need to close.

Announcements will also be made on local television and radio (for example, Operation Snowball on radio 630WPROAM).
CODAC advises everyone to be prepared for emergencies.

This includes having adequate supplies of prescription medication, water, batteries, etc.

We encourage everyone to exercise good judgement, drive carefully, and pay serious attention to public safety announcements
We will update this website as news develops.

CODAC also posts announcements through the Rhode Island Broadcasters service.
These announcements can be found on most radio and

television stations and channels and on their websites.