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More About CODAC Providence

In 1975, CODAC was asked by the Rhode Island Department of Mental Health, Retardation, and Hospitals (MHRH) to assume operations of its 70 patient “methadone” program. CODAC Providence opened its doors to help respond to that request and today is the largest of CODAC’s seven Rhode Island sites, currently providing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and recovery support to almost 1000 patients and families at any given point in time. Services offered include medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder utilizing all three FDA approved medications; general outpatient treatment; mental health and psychiatric services; Health Home programs (enhanced services for Medicaid patients) including assistance with housing, education and job placement; tobacco cessation and problem gambling services.

In 2016, CODAC Providence, along with all of CODAC’s RI facilities, became the first state-designated Center of Excellence (COE) for opioid treatment. Under this designation, CODAC Providence meets or exceeds state and federal standards for opioid treatment, provides enhanced access to care, and guarantees that patients will begin treatment within 48 hours of first contact.   A COE must offer at least two of the three FDA-approved medications for opioid treatment: methadone, buprenorphine (SuboxoneTM, SubutexTM), oral naltrexone and depot naltrexone (VivitrolTM), CODAC is currently the only treatment provider in RI authorized to dispense all three

In addition to MAT services, CODAC Providence offers recovery support programs and expanded services and case management. Expanded programming includes acupuncture for stress reduction, tobacco cessation treatment and problem gambling services.   Individual and group counseling focus on topics such as life skills; relapse prevention; early recovery; nutrition in treatment and recovery; conflict resolution; health and wellness; expressive arts; and overdose prevention strategies. All patients and, when possible, their families receive overdose prevention training and Naloxone.

Teams of clinical and medical staff receive specialized training (e.g., trauma and PTSD, developmental disabilities, pregnancy and postpartum care, and Motivational Interviewing) giving CODAC the ability to provide targeted support for patients with specific needs. Each facility, including CODAC Providence, provides these services or utilizes clinical resources from another CODAC location. Clinical staff are also encouraged to develop an expertise in issues that may complicate recovery from substance abuse: gambling, tobacco cessation, pregnancy and addiction, acupuncture, wellness, nutrition, expressive arts.

CODAC Providence takes services where they are needed in the community. We currently partner with 25 community-based providers (residential and inpatient substance use disorder programs, nursing homes, group homes and long-term care facilities) across the state to provide medication and medical management support for their patients.   The Providence nursing team provides medication and education to nursing home and other long-term care facility staff throughout RI.

The Providence Health Home team, along with office and billing staff, are trained to help individuals evaluate their personal insurance needs and to assist in identifying and accessing the most effective and the most efficient path through the system. Finding the right plan allows patients to begin their assessment, treatment and recovery process as soon as possible. CODAC Providence’s culturally diverse clinical and nursing staff includes Spanish speaking bilingual individuals; translation services are available for other languages. CODAC accepts Medicaid and Ritecare, as well as most forms of commercial insurance including: United Healthcare, Neighborhood Health Plans, Tufts and Blue Cross.

CODAC is committed to idea that addiction is a family disease—affecting everyone who cares about or is closely involved with the individual experiencing substance use disorder. CODAC further believes that the support of family and friends are critical elements in successful long-term recovery. However, loved ones are often uncertain about how to provide that support. CODAC offers education and support programs for families and close friends, helping them understand some of the things to expect and why these things may be happening. More importantly, we are able to provide resources to help loved ones through the recovery process. These programs are available to patients and their families along the recovery continuum, for as long as they need them.

For many individuals struggling with opioid use disorder, peer recovery support is an effective resource. CODAC Providence has been building an active program to develop peer support capacity in RI. Patients who are stable in their recovery are given the opportunity to receive Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS) training. Patients who might respond to peer support are given the opportunity to work with a PRSS. CODAC also works with the Parent Support Network to train PSSs who work at the Department of Corrections (DOC) and throughout Rhode Island.

CODAC Providence has a long, successful history of collaboration with state agencies, community-based providers, the criminal justice system, and state and local law enforcement. The Providence Police Department has, and continues to be, a valued and supportive partner in our efforts to help those who need it receive treatment for the chronic disease of addiction.

CODAC is proud of the high regard in which our professional staff is held by colleagues and other community stake holders. Medical, academic, and research institutions often request CODAC’s participation and collaboration in services and studies designed to improve patient care and knowledge about Substance Use Disorder (SUD) as well as the inter-relationship between SUD, and co-occurring physical and mental health disorders.

The opportunities provided by community partnerships and collaborations are invaluable in CODAC Providence’s mission to provide treatment and resources for every individual who needs help.   And, as a result of working closely with community stakeholders, CODAC Providence has become an important part of the city’s health and safety infrastructure.