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More About CODAC Eleanor Slater

The 2017 addition of our newest location at Eleanor Slater Hospital in Cranston, RI, is the culmination of a collaborative strategy with the RI Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH) that allows CODAC Behavioral Healthcare to expand its services and introduce new practices for the treatment of opioid use disorder.

CODAC at Eleanor Slater’s (Eleanor Slater) programs include treatment for opioid use disorder, general outpatient services, intensified treatment options, tobacco cessation, and problem gambling services, recovery support resources and enhanced services for co-occurring patients. It also brings an important new focus to CODAC’s approach to treatment.

As part of a larger global effort to respond to the opioid overdose epidemic, Eleanor Slater is integrating alternative therapies and expanded resources for pain management to augment medication assisted treatment (MAT). These modalities include acu-detox (auricular acupuncture for stress reduction), holistic therapies such as meditation and yoga, expressive arts, and enhanced mental health and pain assessment services. Group content is tailored to to reflect patient needs and is part of a larger strategy to reduce a patient’s dependence on opioid based medication.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Frank Sparadeo, renowned neuropsychologist specializing in brain disorders, is leading our mental health and chronic pain initiative. Dr. Sparadeo has been evaluating/treating individuals with chronic pain and addiction for more than 34 years. He is experienced in transitioning patients from pain medications to buprenorphine (Suboxone) and has created successful programs to address the challenge of treating concurrent chronic pain and addiction.

According to their interests and skill sets, CODAC clinical and medical staff receive specialized training in trauma and PTSD (with EMDR-trained clinicians), developmental disabilities, pregnancy and postpartum care, relapse prevention; early recovery; substance use disorder awareness; conflict resolution; wellness, overdose prevention, and Motivational Interviewing— giving CODAC the ability to provide targeted support for patients with specific needs. As at all other CODAC sites, every patient at Eleanor Slater—and ideally their family and friends—receives overdose prevention education and Narcan kits.

CODAC is committed to idea that addiction is a family disease—affecting everyone who cares about or is closely involved with the individual experiencing substance use disorder. CODAC further believes that the support of family and friends are critical elements in successful long-term recovery. However, loved ones are often uncertain about how to provide that support. CODAC offers education and support programs for families and close friends, helping them understand some of the things to expect and why these things may be happening. More importantly, we are able to provide resources to help loved ones through the recovery process.

For many people struggling with opioid use disorder, peer recovery support is an effective resource. Peer support is offered to every patient and other recovery resources are offered to every CODAC patient. CODAC at Eleanor Slater is an active participant in the effort to develop peer support capacity in RI, offering who are stable in their recovery the opportunity to receive Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS) training. CODAC also works with the Parent Support Network to train PSSs who work at the RI Department of Corrections (RI DOC) and throughout the state.

CODAC Eleanor Slater also serves as a home base for CODAC’s tobacco program: Tobacco Cessation Services of RI (TCSRI). Cessation groups for both CODAC patients and community members will meet on a regular basis.

Eleanor Slater’s office and billing staff are trained to help individuals evaluate their personal insurance needs and to assist in identifying and accessing the most effective and the most efficient path through the system. Finding the right plan allows patients to begin their assessment, treatment and recovery process as soon as possible. CODAC accepts Medicaid and Ritecare, as well as most forms of commercial insurance including: United Healthcare, Neighborhood Health Plans, Tufts and Blue Cross.

CODAC’s approach to treatment and recovery emphasizes provision of care that acknowledges “whole person” health and wellness. This means the coordination of care with patients’ primary care or specialty providers. After each patient’s clinical, medical and, in some cases, mental health evaluation, CODAC’s Director of Medical Services will write a prescription for the indicated medication and the primary care doctor will be notified. CODAC’s administrative, medical, and clinical staff communicate directly with primary care physicians and other community providers to effectively coordinate ongoing care. They will also make referrals for treatment in response to specific health needs that have not yet been addressed.

All seven CODAC sites, including the new facility at Eleanor Slater, are the first opioid treatment providers in Rhode Island to be designated as Centers of Excellence (CEOs) for opioid treatment. As a designated COE, CODAC at Eleanor Slater meets or exceeds the highest standards of care (as determined by RI State agencies) for opioid treatment, provides expedited and expanded access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and offers at least two of the three FDA-approved medications for opioid treatment: buprenorphine (SuboxoneTM, SubutexTM), oral naltrexone and depot naltrexone (VivitrolTM). Although it is the only CODAC site not offering all three FDA-approved medications, Eleanor Slater meets or exceeds all criteria for the COE designation. CODAC guarantees that you will begin treatment within 48 hours of your first phone call.

CODAC at Eleanor Slater values the many opportunities offered by relationships with other providers and community stakeholder. Our goal is to create a seamless system of care and to present to improve outcomes for people struggling with substance abuse and other addictive behaviors. CODAC at Eleanor represents a new level of patient-centered, wraparound care.